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Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Ghost Capture" App Presents Bogus Evidence

Well just when we think analyzing evidence is painstaking, time-consuming, and difficult enough, this new iPhone/iPod application comes out. It is called Ghost Capture and for a small fee, you can download (as of right now) 30 "apparitions" that can be placed in virtually any photo taken by the phone. Now I do not claim to know all of the technical ins and outs of this application, but I do know that it will make our jobs more difficult.

Yesterday, a gentleman from Ohio sent us a photo to analyze. The photo had been sent to him and he was really excited about it. The individual that took the photo had just gotten a new phone and was "playing" around with it and taking photos. Guess what "showed" up in one of the pictures............the ghost of a little boy dressed in very old, period clothing. We sat down and looked at the photo. At first glance we had the same reaction- excitement. As we studied it, we began to pick it apart. The apparition is very clear and defined while the rest of the photo is a little grainy. As we enlarged the photo, the apparition remains clear while the rest of the photo quality degrades. Hmmmm..........

Just to prove a point, we downloaded the 30 "apparitions" and began looking through them. Again, guess what we found. Yes, the ghost of the little boy in very old, period clothing. Both pictures are below.

Photo from Ohio.


Ghost Capture image.

We say it is debunked. What do you think?


  1. Yeah, the problem is, they're just too good. They need to make them more vague... Yeah, it totally dirties the pools.

  2. Yeah, that's what I thought when I first saw it. I have never seen an apparition so clear before. The gentleman that sent it to us was really excited, but a little skeptical. He was really letdown when we called him back to tell him it was fake.

  3. To all of us in the field these pics that are from a i phone really hurts us. I watched a friend in a matter of min. play with his computer and make a pic. of him and his girlfriend look so real. Its scary what people can do. so look carefully at pics sent to you they could be a fake.